Meet Linda Gromko

Dr. Gromko became interested in medicine as a volunteer candy striper some fifty years ago. She graduated from the University of Washington School of Nursing with a BSN and a Master of Nursing degree from the Family Nurse Practitioner Program. Dr. Gromko earned her MD degree at the University of Washington School of Medicine and completed its residency program in Family Practice.

Linda Gromko founded Seattle's Queen Anne Medical Associates in 1989, with a focus on women's health and obstetrics. Then in 1998, a caller asked, 

     Does Dr. Gromko treat transgender women?

      Her answer was,  "Not yet."

So Dr. Gromko began offering transgender care for clients - now ranging from five to eighty-five. She offers puberty blockers, gender affirming hormone treatment, and pre and post-operative care for patients undergoing gender affirming surgeries. Along with three outstanding ARNPs, Dr. Gromko provides primary care for most of her clients. The practice also offers electrolysis and laser hair removal with anesthesia. Dr. Gromko has written two books on trans health and is a frequent lecturer for both professional and lay audiences.

Now, her mission is to provide accessible information for parents, educators, and health care providers to do better with and for the transgender and gender non-conforming community.

Dr. Gromko has infused her thirty years of patient care and experience into 13 online courses, including basics for the non-medical learner, to more advanced topics, such as gender-affirming surgery for healthcare providers, as well as courses on mental health.

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Education to Support the Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming Community

We all want to do better. Providing a kind and inclusive home, practice or work environment begins with developing a better understanding of gender identity, sexual orientation, puberty, and gender-affirming treatments and surgeries. 

Trans 100: The Very Basics for the Non-Medical Learner

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Transgender Education for Healthcare Providers

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