Transgender Medicine

for Healthcare Professionals


And Aesthetics Practitioners, Parents, Educators, the Trans and Gender-Nonconforming Community, and Everyone Else

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Transgender Medicine for Healthcare Professionals

Linda Gromko, MD is a Board-Certified Family Physician who has worked with the transgender community for over twenty years.


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Specialized information to serve the Transgender & Gender-Nonconforming Community

We offer education for:

Parents, Teens & the Community
Healthcare Providers
Aesthetic Practitioners


Transgender 100: The Very Basics for the

Non-Medical Learner

A basic overview of trans medicine presented with an easy-to-understand non-clinical vocabulary


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These popular class bundles are a great place to start

Healthcare Provider Essentials

Introductory courses for anyone in a professional healthcare setting, including nurses, doctors, counselors, social workers, and other specialists


Includes 3 courses: 

  • Watch Your Language: Learning the Language of Gender
  • Creating a Trans-Friendly Medical Clinic or Business
  • Learning the Trans-Affirming Patient Intake


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Medical Provider Crash Course

A more advanced set of courses for doctors, nurses, and clinicians - these two courses will provide more trans information in two hours than most American medical schools present in four years!
Includes 2 courses: 
  • Trans 101: Introduction to Transgender Health for Healthcare Professionals
  • Gender Affirming Surgeries: Pre & Post-op Care for the Transgender Adult (Overview)


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Mental Health Essentials

Critical information for counselors, educators, social workers, and primary care providers


Includes 4 courses: 

  • Watch Your Language: Learning the Language of Gender
  • Examining the Patient with PTSD
  • Dealing With Depression
  • Creating a Trans-Friendly Medical Clinic or Business


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Gender-Affirming Aesthetics

For salon business owners, aestheticians, and clinics providing non-surgical gender-affirming procedures, including laser and electrolysis hair removal


Includes 4 courses: 

  • Watch Your Language: Learning the Language of Gender
  • Non-Surgical Treatments to Support Gender Affirmation
  • Making Genital Electrolysis Easier for Your Client
  • Creating a Trans-Friendly Medical Clinic or Business


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Where's MY Book?

A Guide For Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Youth, Their Parents & Everyone Else

Available on Amazon and Audible

We know that transgender kids and their families need specialized information. Alarmingly, the suicide attempt rate among trans youth is close to half! This book is intended to give gender non-conforming kids some of the information they need to grow to be happy, productive, loving and loved. 


“Honest, accurate, sensitive, and straightforward, Dr. Gromko’s advice and explanations are a breath of fresh air. ANYONE curious about this topic can benefit from her wisdom and clarity. Highly recommended!”

- Jamison Green, PhD, author of Becoming a Visible Man, and President of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health


Community Q&A 

Every month, Linda hosts a virtual community Q&A session via Zoom. We have currently only scheduled sessions for our course participants, but will happily open up another session for the general community with enough interest.

If you'd like to attend a Q&A, please click below to sign up for the waitlist and we'll get in touch with you once we have more information.

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