See "Hair Removal Basics: Laser and Electrolysis" at No Charge!

electrolysis gender-affirming surgery hair removal laser transgender Dec 08, 2021

Hair removal is an enormous issue in the transgender community. We've been providing hair removal services for our clients for several years, and we've learned a lot!

For the month of December 2021, visit my website and take the class "Hair Removal Basics: Electrolysis and Laser" at no charge.

The free class, Trans 100, is available also.

 There are a dozen other classes, covering presentation, gender-affirming surgeries, and the all-important "Watch Your Language: Learning the Language of Gender."

Visit and take a couple of free classes, and Happy Holidays! We're all in this together,

Linda Gromko MD


Transgender 100: The Very Basics for the

Non-Medical Learner

New to the world of gender? We encourage everyone to start with this a basic overview of trans medicine presented with an easy-to-understand, non-clinical vocabulary.

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