How Can Healthcare Professionals Serve Transgender Patients When We Get No Formal Training?

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As healthcare professionals, we want to provide excellent care for all of our patients - including our transgender and gender-nonconforming patients. We don't want to offend anybody by using the wrong terminology or by misgendering someone. And we certainly don't want to be learning the most basic of trans information while handling a surgical complication in the emergency room.

So how do you learn this important information when you had no transgender curriculum in medical school or nursing school? 

In my case, I started my DIY (do-it-yourself) training over twenty years ago when a patient asked,

"Does Dr. Gromko treat transgender women?" And I answered, "Not yet."

Today, I serve trans patients ranging from 5 to 85. I've learned how to insert puberty blockers in the arms of pre-teens. I've learned how to prescribe gender-affirming hormones and to follow patients after gender-affirming surgeries. And the aesthetic portion of my practice offers genital electrolysis and laser hair removal with the too-rare kindness of local anesthesia. 

I'd be honored to help you get the important trans information you need. By offering courses for healthcare professionals and a portal to a private healthcare learning community, I can catch you up with trans-competent information you probably didn't get in school. 

Curious? Sample "Trans 100" free of charge for an introduction. It will be more elementary than what you'd get in the classes designed for professionals. Still, it'll give you a flavor, and I'll gladly welcome you into the private Healthcare Professionals Community Forum. 

We're all in this together. Linda Gromko MD


Transgender 100: The Very Basics for the

Non-Medical Learner

New to the world of gender? We encourage everyone to start with this a basic overview of trans medicine presented with an easy-to-understand, non-clinical vocabulary.

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