Transgender Day of Remembrance Prompts Reminders about Depression

Nov 17, 2021

Every year on November 20, Transgender Day of Remembrance calls our attention to trans and GNC individuals who have been victims of lethal violence or who have died by suicide. Because depression is so common in the community - particularly during COVID-19, I invite you to watch my video on Dealing with Depression. This covers signs and symptoms of depression, and the basics of how to help yourself or others. It is offered at no charge through November 21. Please find the course on this website, and use coupon code TDOR2021 for free admission. We are all in this together. LindaGromkoMD


Transgender 100: The Very Basics for the

Non-Medical Learner

New to the world of gender? We encourage everyone to start with this a basic overview of trans medicine presented with an easy-to-understand, non-clinical vocabulary.

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